The discipline of CS&E has core strengths in the areas of algorithms, complexity theory, machine learning, data mining, data science, cryptography, network security, computer vision and graphics, and computer architecture. These, combined with a number of ongoing industrial collaborations, including ones with TCS, IBM, Google, CISCO, ISRO and Innit, will help the students prepare for the career of their choice. The CSE discipline offers the following programs.

  • PhD degree: This is one of the major academic programs in CS&E. Applications are invited in four cycles round the year; students with outstanding academic credentials, however, may apply at any time without waiting for the next application cycle. Elaborate information regarding admission to a PhD program at IIT Gandhinagar is put up here. More CS&E specific information regarding the application process and the PhD selection process are available online.
  • MTech degree:   Starting from the academic year 2017-18, the CS&E discipline at IIT Gandhinagar will be offering an MTech in Computer Science and Engineering. The program combines the strength of IITGN computer science faculty to create a curriculum that is geared towards preparing students for the needs of the industry, as well as strengthen their core fundamentals for further research based degrees. More information regarding admission to a MTech program at IIT Gandhinagar is put up here.
  • BTech degree: Starting from the academic year 2016-17, theCS&E discipline at IIT Gandhinagar will be offering a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering. This bachelor’s program, in keeping with the institute’s vision, aims to promotes critical thinking, equips the students with the necessary skills for lifelong learning, as well as exposes students to an interdisciplinary view of knowledge.
  • CS minor: This program is offered to the B.Tech students majoring in non-CSE disciplines. The objective of the program is to equip the students with knowledge of certain basic areas of CS&E, so that they can continue learning advanced subjects as well as be well prepared to tackle IT related industrial problems after B.Tech. In this program a student obtains a CS minor annotated to the final transcript after successful completion of the B.Tech program, if she/he is able to earn at least 20 credits from CS projects and the courses (a non-exhaustive list of courses is available here).
  • Summer internship: Applications for summer internship in CSE are received and evaluated via a centralized program along with other disciplines. A list of projects to choose from is put up on this website around the time between mid and end of February. A shortlist is made available within a few weeks of application deadline. Selected candidates are advised to email the participating CSE faculty members without delay to know how to proceed further.